Three Polish startups to watch


Triggo (Micro Electric Vehicle):  Triggo ( , whose intellectual property is secured worldwide, is an electric vehicle, which combines the advantages of a car and a two-wheeler. It is able to reduce its width from 146 cm to 88 cm during driving and is thus able to navigate easily through traffic jams and to find a parking space quickly. Triggo has several batteries, which can be exchanged in 5 min and have a reach of 120-140 km each. The vehicle, which is able to significantly reduce the operating costs of providers of New Urban Mobility, can be registered much easier and faster than cars as it is not treated as such.

The market for micro electric vehicles is set to grow at a CAGR of 33.9% to 947,000 units in 2025E. The number of car sharing users is supposed to reach 227.1m in 2023E after 50.4m in 2018.

Genomtec (Diagnostics device)Genomtecā€˜s ( SNAAT technology allows to detect DNA or RNA in biological material in less than 15 minutes. The handy mobile device is significantly cheaper than competition (it is produced in Poland) and allows multiplexing (up to 5 diagnostic targets on a single card). Due to its user-friendliness it can be used by doctors, nurses and scientists alike.

Genomtec and its team, which consists of Polish and British scientists, has already won several international awards e.g. AMGEN – 1st Place Next Health Investment Pitch, 1st Place Non-US startup at BostonHUBWeek, 1st Place MIT Enterprise Forum Poland and CVC Capital Partners Award.

Polska Liga Esportowa (E-Sports): PLE is a spin-off of the successful Gaming & E-Sports Agency, which in 2019 generated sales of EUR >3m. Its channel ESportNow ( already has >110,000 Twitch.TV followers and >37,000 Facebook Likes. PLE currently organises competitions in following video games:  (1) Counter Strike Global Offensive (2) Valorant (3) League of Legends (4) Simracing (5) FIFA (6) Hearstone (7) Starcraft2 (8) Fortnite (9) Assetto Corsa. So far, PLE/ESportNow has conducted 6 seasons, which were watched by 4.3m viewers on average and were sponsored by well-known brands. While it is free-of-charge for viewers, PLE/ESportNow makes money on sponsoring and transmission rights.

The market for E-Sports is rapidly growing worldwide and in the recent past has grown at a CAGR of 25% to a volume of USD 1.7bn. The number of viewers is expected to reach 307m in 2021E after 160m in 2016.